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garage door repair saleWhen it comes to your family's garage door and garage door opener assembly, Duncanville Garage Door Repair truly is your one-stop-shop! Not only are we local and able to get to your home before anyone else, but we're also able to handle any job; big or small, we've seen it all!

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Garage Door Spring Replacement

When your garage door springs fail from use over time, give Duncanville Garage Door Repair a call! These are one of the most common components we see fail as they carry the brunt of your garage door's weight during the transition from the open position, back to closed. The springs provide stability to the door, and extend the life-span of your garage door opener. These components are under significant tension, so be sure to call on your experience professionals here at Duncanville Garage Door Repair to lend a helping hand; day or night!

Garage Door Repair

Over time, your garage door may begin to warp or suffer from failure due to corrosion. Duncanville Garage Door Repair offers servicing of your garage door to extend it's life, and replace failed panels. One of the easiest ways to extend your door's life span is to regularly seal your wooden door with an approved sealant in order to keep the vulnerable surface of your garage door safe from the elements. A secondary measure is to apply a weather guard along the bottom of the door. This rubber strip prevents your garage door from scraping along the asphalt of your driveway and allowing this rough surface to eat away at the bottom of your door. The weather guard also further insulates your garage; helping to lower your heating and cooling bills.

Roller Replacement

One of the components that we receive a significant number of calls for is the garage door rollers. The rollers allow your garage door to roll smoothly along the guide rails and are susceptible to dust build up and other debris along the guide rails. Duncanville Garage Door Repair provides lubrication of these fragile components as part of our regular service plans. When installing rollers, we recommend using the nylon option for your door, as these don't require as much lubrication as the steel rollers. They are also noticeably quieter than their steel alternatives.

Garage Door Opener Installation

When selecting a new garage door opener, your first call should be to Duncanville Garage Door Repair. We have the best selection of garage door openers to choose from; working with literally hundreds of different models and manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a belt-driver or a chain-drive opener, we have the expertise to help you select the perfect fit for your new garage door. After installation is complete, we provide ongoing maintenance to help make sure your door and garage door opener operate just like new for as long as you live at your residence.

Garage Door Tune-Up

Whether we installed your garage door, or you did it yourself, Duncanville Garage Door Repair is standing by to help with all of your ongoing garage door servicing needs. Give us a call today and let us show you what the local difference really means for you and your garage!

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