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door operners saleYour garage door consists of hundreds of components and parts which allow for your door to transition effortlessly from the closed to open position, and then back to the closed position. Duncanville Garage Door Repair has over fifteen years of experience working with these parts and components to make sure your door lasts for years and requires minimal servicing over its usable life. We take the time to select premium parts for every door we service and install in an effort to keep your cost of ownership as low as possible.

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Garage Door Rollers

The rollers of your garage door allow your door to glide along the guide rails as it is opened and closed by your garage door opener. These components are either crafter from nylon or steel, and provide varying lifespans depending on brand and method of manufacture.

Garage Door Hinges

The hinges of your garage door allow the individual panels to flex and maintain a secure seat when your door is opened and closed. Without these critical parts, your door would be unable to follow the steep bend of the guard rails along the apex of the guard rail's shape. One reason the hinges can fail is because they are the parts most heavily effected by poorly maintained springs. The added stress of bending to conform to an improperly mounted garage door will wear these components out faster than other parts of your garage door.

Garage Door Cables

The cables of your garage door attach the springs to the door and allow for the door to smoothly move from the opened to closed position. The cables can also be used as a major safety feature in some garage door installations. Most springs are mounted to the frame of the garage door and can catch a falling garage door if your chain or spring fails. For such a mundane component as a cable, these parts can have a huge impact on your family's safety when things go wrong.

Garage Door Opener Gear Kit

The gear kit is a specifically designed and matched set of gears that can replace failing or worn down gears in your garage door opener. Each manufacturer produces and sells these gears in matched kits which are specifically designed to fit your garage door opener model. These gears are then used to transfer the power of your garage door opener's motor to the chain or belt which actually pulls your garage door opener.

Garage Door Panels

The panels of your garage door are attached to each other by the hinges. Your garage door's manufacturer cuts the panels at specific lengths to allow the door to flex and bend as it is opened and closed. These panels are specifically cut to sit closely together once the door is in the closed position to provide your garage with the maximum insulation and security.

Garage Door Springs

The springs in your garage door carry the brunt of the weight of your garage door. Without these springs, your garage door opener would need to have an exponentially more powerful engine and wear out a lot sooner.

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