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garage door repair saleWhen selecting a garage door for your home, there are many consideration to take into account. First, what style of garage door compliments your home? Second, what are your energy efficiency requirements? What are the zoning ordinances regulating garage doors in your neighborhood? Duncanville Garage Door Repair has the experience necessary to help you find the perfect door to meet your needs. Plus, we live just around the corner, so chances are we already know the ordinances that effect your garage door installation. This means less worry, and less homework for you to complete prior to your installation!

Duncanville TX garage doors

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors have been gaining popularity in Duncanville for quite some time. One of the many reasons for this is their relatively inexpensive price tag when compared with wooden garage doors. The lighter construction and design allows these doors to offer some serious bang for the buck. Plus, with modern designs available, you can find an aluminum door that looks very close to a wooden door if you prefer a wooden style. However, one thing to be aware of when selecting an aluminum door is the fact that these doors are more easily dented. Overall, if you have small children playing around the garage on a regular basis, we might not recommend the dent-prone aluminum door for your garage door selection.

Wood Garage Doors

A timeless classic, the wooden garage door offers a touch of elegance to your home's exterior. The incredible selection of wooden garage doors that we can offer at Duncanville Garage Door Repair really allows us to match a door to your home's unique architectural style. One of our customer's favorite benefits of working with our local team is our ability to send an experienced designer to your home to offer you guidance as you peruse through the selection of beautiful wooden doors in our catalogue. The only downside to a wooden garage door is the ongoing maintenance. Relative to the aluminum garage doors discussed above, you'll need to seal your wooden garage door to protect it from the elements. You can rest assured that part of our promise here at Duncanville Garage Door Repair covers ongoing maintenance of your door to keep it looking like new!

Steel-Back Insulated Garage Doors

As the cost of cooling and heating your home goes up year over year, we've seen an increased demand for insulated garage doors. All doors offer some level of insulation from the elements. This insulation value is expressed in a door's R-Value. It's important to realize that not all doors are created equal in this respect. One of the best doors that we carry in terms of insulation properties is a steel-backed garage door. These insulated doors have a relatively high R-value, and benefit from the steel layer backing the door. This allows for softer, more insulating materials to be used on the internal layer, which produces the maximum energy savings of all of our doors.

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